Here it is the complete synopsis of Dexter Season 7, episodes 1 to 12.

7×01 – Are You…? 

We’re  back where we were at the end of the previous season: Debra busted Dexter killing the killer, Travis Marshall. Dexter tries to tell her it was just an angry rush but she soon realizes it was all like the butcher case, back in the second season when Dexter ‘s bro tried to kill Deb copying her style. Meanwhile Mike is killed by a criminal from, Kiev, East Europe, Viktor Baskov, who was carrying a DB in his car, that was a lady. Dexter finds him and kills him just to relax… While the police is still investigating on the criminal net he was a part of…a criminal organization that manages many strip clubs in Miami.  LaGuerta finds Dexter’s last slide with Travis blood drop on it but she decides not to share it…Louis is still obsessed with Dexter who didn’t like his videogame and blocks his credit cards .. In the end Deb goes at Dexter’s and finds out his knives and his slides collection…she asks him if he is a serial killer (Are You…?)…he replies he is…  .


7×02 – Sunshine and Frosty Swirl 

Dexter tells Deb about his dark passenger and how their father thought him to use his need of blood to kill who deserved it. Despite Deb cannot understand him she also cannot arrest him so she decides to help him making him move to her house and controlling him all day long. The investigation at the strip club goes on, the murdered girl was the bouncer’s girlfriend but he didn’t kill her. Now the police knows she left the club with Baskov. Meanwhile Isaac Sirko, the big boss, comes in Miami from Kiev and kills the bouncer for he have been talking with the police. LaGuerta have asked another lab to analyze that slide she found: they tell her it’s Travis blood. She is thinking about Docks for Masuka told her he had been asking for a lot of slides. One night Dexter is on the point of killing Louis but then he calls Deb and let him live…The police is also busy with a serial killer convict who says he wanna confess where he had buried a victim of his. Dexter is there to help the search when the convict runs in the middle of the street to be killed by a truck. Dexter understands that he just wanted “Sunshine and Frosty Swirl” and a chance to kill himself for he never wanted to change and so he wonders if he’ll be able to change as Deb thinks he could…


7×03 Buck the System

Dexter wants to erase Louis from his life without killing him so he finds another way: he sends that stolen hand from evidence to Masuka at the lab so that he fires him. Then he lets Jamie, Louis’ girlfriend, watch on of his video-log when he is with a “paid woman”. Jamie goes away and Louis gets angry. He decides to  sabotage his boat. Meanwhile at the club Sirko tracks the gps that Kaja had: they find out the gps now lays at the bottom of the sea. They understand Viktor is dead and that the last signal from the coast is the port where Dexter keeps his boat. They reach it when Louis is in it and they kill him after learning about Dexter from him. Nadia is one of the strippers who has been chosen by Sirko to seduce and spy Quinn but he confesses him all and they decide to help each other. Wayne Randall’s mother goes to the PD to give Deb a package Wayne have given her before going to jail. There are some things inside it and Deb makes Dexter and Angel go to Hannah McKay, Wayne’s former partner in crime. But she refuses to cooperate. Dexter still wants Deb to understand him and so he finds a criminal, Ray Speltzer, who escaped the law. Dexter investigates privately on him and understands he is ready to kill again. Dexter informs Deb but she says he can’t kill a man like this. Dexter was right he let a girl enter his room and soon chase her in a kind of twisted Minotauran labyrinth he have built in his home. Deb goes to check him just to be sure but he soon subdue her too and he would have killed her if Dexter hadn’t come in time to defat him. Anyway they can’t capture him, he escapes leaving there his new victim.


7×04 Run

Ray Speltzer got arrested by the police and Deb makes him confess but his suit is dismissed on a technicality and he is set free. Isaac makes the barman of the club commit suicide using the gun Viktor used to kill Mike. Viktor wants to give the police a scapegoat. Batista doesn’t buy it….Hannah McKay gets back to the PD to help find Randall’s victims. Dexter enters Ray’s camper to kill him but he suddenly gets back and knocks Dexter out. Ray wants to play with Dexter and takes him in a building where he has set another labyrinth. When Dexter wakes up he finds a paper with a writing: “Run”. Ray starts chasing Dexter but he manages to escape. Dexter meets Ray at the cemetery where he works and lets him follow him to a big hole in the ground. Ray cannot see Dexter anymore but notice a paper with a writing: “Stay”. Quickly Dexter slams him in the head making him fall in the hole. When Ray wakes up he is all packed and ready to be  burned in the cemetery’s furnace. Dexter kills him and burns him along with his slides collection. Deb is out there and Dexter asks her how she feels. She is happy… and asks him what is she then … “Human” he answer.


7×05 Swim Deep

Dexter is cleaning his boat and finds out someone has been killed there. He collects a sample of blood and learns it has been Louis. Masuka tells Debra that LaGuerta is investigating on that slide she found on her own. Debra decides to help her in order to know what she’s up to: she thinks the Butcher is alive and killing again. She has the list of the people “he” had murdered…. Dexter realizes that someone is in his home: Isaac is there ready to kill him. Dexter makes him go in a bar leaving a false message in the answering machine. Then he phones the bar to speak with him. Isaac tells him he wanna kill everyone involved in Viktor’s investigation. Dexter informs Debra about it and confesses what he has done to Viktor. They’ll stay in a motel that night. Hannah looks at the things that Randall’s mother has brought to the police. She remembers whose every little thing was and where Randall has killed everyone. She goes with Dexter and Angel to unbury a man and a woman killed in a motel. Hannah tells Dexter she really didn’t like what Randall did but Dexter soon realizes that the lady has been killed by her. Anyway Dexter doesn’t tell the others about it but informs Hannah he knows what she has done. Hannah got the immunity before helping the police, she cannot be arrested for those crimes. Debra and LaGuerta start interrogating the Butcher’s victims’ families: Phillip Barnes was a wedding photographer Dexter killed. Debra and LaGuerta meet his son who tells them he is happy about his father death and gives them a bunch of shots of a wedding taken by his father. LaGuerta thinks his killer might be one of the guests. Indeed Dexter is in one of those shots but Debra manages to take it away and saves his brother. Dexter makes Issak follow him into a colombian bar. The Colombian are the very enemies of Isaak’s Koshka brotherhood, for their drug market conflict. Dexter exits and hears the gun shots but when the police is called to investigate in that bar they find all the colombians killed. Dexter finds and analyze a blood drop of the shooter: it is Isaak’s. Now the police can arrest him. Quinn goes at the club to meet Nadia and when he gets back in his car he founds a pack of money the Koshka’s left there to buy his silnece. Dexter visits Isaak in prison and he tells him he’ll get out out sooner or later. Batista tells Debra he really thinks the barman’s suicide is not true but she has to make him accept how the case got closed to protect Dexter. Debra asks Dexter about the Randall’s case but he doesn’t tells her about Hannah’s guilt. Debra tells him she doesn’t like all his lies and gives him Phillip’s shot. Dexter burs it and remember his childhood with Deb at the beach: he used to swim deep to avoid the waves while his sister always stayed safe at the shore.


7×06 Do the Wrong Thing

Dexter is still investigating Hannah McKay and decides to falsify his report on the motel victim just to get closer to Hannah. Dexter goes at her flower shop and asks for a plant for his apartment. Dexter learns that Hannah was married and his husband died for an heart attack. Furthermore even Beverly Grey, the former owner of the flower shop, died for an heart attack. Dexter thinks she killed them both, poisoning them. Sal Price, a crime writer, approaches Miami Metro for some files on the last Wayne Randall murders. Dexter acts like his fan and knows he is writing a book about Hannah. He also learns that Hannah had been in a detoxification centre and a she accused a doctor of abusing her. They doctor had been found dead for rat poison. Sal asks Deb to go out, she refuses but he gives her his number. Joey meets Nadia and tells them about the money the Koshka left in his car. He admits he had accepted some money from them to turn a blind eye on their traffics. Nadia tells him he shouldn’t accept that money and so Joey takes it back to the club. Dexter gets in Sal’s house looking for information about Hannah. He learns that Beverly’s been poisoned with Aconito. George of the Koshka meets Quinn and blackmails him into removing evidence linking Isaak to the crime scene. Otherwise Nadia would be sent in a Dubai club. LaGuerta is still making her investigation and she is thinking back at the Jordan Chase case and talks about it with Deb. Debra tells Dexter and learns about Lumen. Dexter gets back at the flower shop and finds some Aconito plants near a pond. Hannah comes back and Dexter asks her to go out. Hannah talks about all the things that Randall promised her like going at a Santa theme park, the only place in Florida where you can see the snow. Batista tells his friend he would like to retire and manage a restaurant there in Miami. Quinn goes in the evidence room of the PD and takes away the blood sample of Isaak. Debra decides to go out with Sal and while they are drinking he also tells her that Dexter’s report contains some inconsistencies. Dexter takes Hannah to that Santa theme park and lets her see the snow. He got there to kill her but when he is on the point of stubbing her and she tells him to do it….everything changes and the two end up mating…


7×07 Chemistry

Dexter tells Hannah he kills bad people while takes her back home. Sal sees Dexter taking her home and tells him he would write about him in his next book. Dexter asks him not to do it offering him Randall’s last words. Deb tells Sal she could charge Hannah if she could exhume her husband. Deb tries to stop LaGuerta from investigating more on the “Butcher” and then asks Dexter about his wrong report. She asks him if he wanted to kill her but he denies it. Masuka breaks in saying that the evidence to charge Isaak are missing. Angel thinks about Quinn but he says he is not guilty. Isaak gets out but Deb makes 2 cops follow him. Debra visits Hannah’s husband’s sister in order to exhume his body. Sal meets Hannah and she lets him visit her in the afternoon. Then Sal phones Dexter to tell him about his visit in the evening. Dexter investigates Sal and suspects he is involved in one of the crime stories he has written about. So he enters his home to steal his toothbrush and his dental floss and he also erases all the files about Hannah Sal had in his computer. Deb can exhume the body just to find out he is only a skeleton, useless for any test. His wife didn’t ask for embalming. Isaak meets Dexter at lunch and tells him he knows he hasn’t killed Viktor to revenge Mike. Dexter describes how he had killed Viktor and Isaak goes away getting touched and angry. Sal meets Hannah at her home and she confesses how she killed that woman at the motel. Sal then reaches Dexter’s but dies shortly for an heart attack while they are arguing for Dexter told him he was investigating him. Quinn gives Angel all the money he have earned from the Koshka. Dexter runs to Hannah who confesses he have poisoned Sal thru the pen he used to chew. Dexter sleeps with her while Debra tries to charge Hannah but the toxicology test on Sal is negative, no poison can be found for Hannah have chosen an untraceable one. Debra listen to the interview Sal has done and she hears Hannah talkking about how she had killed that woman. Debra is desperate and phones Dexter asking him to do what he does, to kill Hannah…

7×08 Argentina

Dexter and Hannah have breakfast together at her home, she explains why she has an old calendar still on: it’s because it has a picture of Argentina and she loves it for it makes her think about an happy place. When Dex meets Deb she makes him listen to the record but he tells her she shouldn’t ask her to kill Hannah not to repent. Astor texts Dex: they are coming for their grandpa is going to the hospital. Isaak avoids the cops and tries to kill Dex shooting at him. George tells Isaak to stop this revenge not to damage the Brotherhood. Dex asks Jamie to take the kids at Debra’s. Quinn takes Nadia at work where George wants him to do something else for him but he denies. Dexter enters Isaak’s apartment to kill him but he finds another man there, he also was sent to kill Isaak by George. Dexter kills him and takes off. Batista invites all his coworkers to his new restaurant. LaGuerta goes on investigating and speaks to the man at the dock where Dexter was keeping his boat. He went away in May 2007 despite he had paid for 8 months more. So LaGuerta finds a potential link between Dexter and the Bay Harbor Butcher.Dexter, Jamie, Debra and the kids  meet at Batista’s. Cody and Astor don’t get along so much and Cody tells everyone her sister smokes weed. Dexter meets Hannah and she suggests him to understand why Isaak wants him dead. She also gives him the key of her van to make any chase harder for Isaak. George meets Quinn at Nadias: he has recorded their conversation about stealing the evidence. He can now blackmail him into covering a drug moving the following night. Isaak finds the dead body in his apartment and calls the police. Dexter comes to the scenes but he soon goes out to reach the kids at the beach. Hannah also reaches him, acting like she needed a key from the bunch of keys she have given him. She can see Dexter’s family in the distant… In the evening Dexter reaches Debra at her home and she notices the keys in the flower keychain Dexter has. She quickly understands it is Hannah’s and so learns about Hannah and Dexter relationship. She asks him to leave her and the confesses him about that night she have found him killing Travis: she was going there to tell him he loved him. She is pretty desperate and sends Dexter away. So he follow Isaak in a bar and the two of them speak: Isaak reveals to Dexter that he and Viktor were lovers. In the end Dexter goes again at Hannah’s, explaining the meaning of Argentina: “Everyone wants an Argentina. A place where the slate is wiped clean. But the truth is, Argentina…is just Argentina. No matter where we go, we take ourselves and our damage with us. So is home the place we run to, or is it the place we run from…only to hide out in places where we’re accepted, unconditionally. Places that feel more like home to us…because we can finally be who we are.”


7×09 Helter Skelter

Dexter takes Hannah on his boat for a ride given that she is afraid of water since her father threw her in a lake to learn to swim when she was a little girl. She got really scared cause not even her mother tried to save her, only a stranger rescued her. She then asks Dexter about his fear but a call from work saves him. Meanwhile IsaaK learns from his guard he is hunted by two killers paid by the Brotherhood that wants him dead. Isaak tries to get some help from Dexter but he refuses. Dexter goes to the new crime scene where he meets Phil Bosso, an arson expert. There’s a body burned in a car. Dexter tries to comfort Deb about her confession, he tells her it is a normal love but the he got distracted when Hannah texts him about seeing each other after work. Dex gets back home and finds Isaak: he blackmails him into killing the men the brotherhood have sent to kill him. He has kidnapped Hannah, she is kept in a secret place by Isaak’s guard, Jurg. Isaak promises Dexter he will free Hannah and leave Miami if he kills those men. Dexter explains everything to Deb and asks her to quit the surveillance on Isaak. Meanwhile LaGuerta meets ex-Deputy Chief Matthews who denies to help her in her search for the Butcher. Dexter finds and kills the first of the two killers at the shooting range. Debra tried to track Jurg but she has found only an abandoned car. Dexter asks Isaak to speak with Hannah and during that video-call he takes a shot of that place and sends it to his email to have some evidence. Indeed he learns Hannah is kept in the house of one of the Colombians Isaak had killed in that bar. He tells Deb about it and then goes to work: there’s another crime scene, another burned one in a car park elevator. Bosso is there again and there’s even the other killer. Dexter studies the scene and understands that the killer wore a fireproof suit to watch the victims die. This victmin has written on the elevator wall a name: Bobby. Quinn finds out George abused Nadia just to revenge and so Quinn knocks him out in the club, taking away Nadia. Dexter makes the killer follow him into a trap: he leads him into a Isaak’s boat so that he can kill him. Matthews decides to help LaGuerta search for the real Bay Harbor Butcher. Hannah jokes Jurg and cooks a meal for him. She makes it so spicy Jurg is on the point of stifling so Hannah tries to attack him but he stubs her. They both lays on the floor when Debra arrives and calls for rescue. George gets also there on the boat and shoots Isaak. Isaak is on the point of dying and asks Dexter to take him to the place where he has dumped Viktor’s body. Dexter goes to Hannah at the hospital and he answers her question: he has been scared twice in his life, first when he saw his mother die and then when he was afraid he couldn’t see her anymore….


7×10 The Dark… Whatever

There’s a new arson case and Dexter thinks the arsonist may be the arson expert, Bosso. Hannah’s father, Clint McKay, meets her after a long time, after being in prison. He seems a new father, smiling, loving her daughter and ready to ask her to forgive him after being such a bad father. Then it comes out the truth: he asks Hannah twenty thousand dollars to start a new job, a shrimp livestock. Dexter follows Bosso and checks his cars: he finds things that could have been used in the arsons…. but then he meets Bosso himself: he is going to play in an historical reconstruction of the civil war, he shows Dexter some pictures of his previous historical reconstruction  and that is his alibi. Furthermore he explains he is the one who takes care of the explosions and such. So he is not the arsonist. There’s a new crime scene by the arsonist, he lighted a bus but Debra learns he left a print from videotape taken on the bus. They cannot find a match for that print but Dexter thinks he should check the juvenile data. The police can’t so he does it himself and finds a match: Joseph Jensen. He set fire to the school gym and he just got out from a psychiatric facility. Dexter enters his home and waits for him in the basement. At first he thinks to kill him and prepares him on his plastic table but then something changes in his head. Hannah have told him it is not about the “Dark Passenger”, there is none, he is not guilty about Dexter’s killing, it is Dexter who wants it… So Dexter starts thinking it is true and calls the police. Debra understands it all… Quinn goes to the club with Batista when knows Nadia is going to be sent to Dubai. He meets George in his office, Nadia is there and Batista waits in the club. George doesn’t care about Quinn but then he shoots and kills George. Before Batista arrives Quinn makes Nadia shoot him in his arm and then he sets up a story to tell Batista: George was going to kill him and Quinn had to shot. He takes Nadia’s passport and sends her away. Batista is not so sure about the whole story but decides to believe Quinn and not to say Nadia was there. LaGuerta and Matthews go on investigating and arrives at the hut where Doakes died, the man who lives there told them he let it to a dead drug dealer. LaGuerta finds out he was one of the man who killed Dexter’s mother and learn’s about Dexter’s brother…they discover another connection between Dexter and the Bay Harbor murders….Hannah’s father destroy’s her flower greenhouse and then asks Dexter to give him that money: there’s nothing about the shrimps, he has to pay off his gambling debts and starts threatening Dexter to expose Hannah as a killer. He has been talking to Price, he told him all that he used for his book and he was going to tell him about the better piece: Hannah’s roommate knew she was a killer cause she saw her preparing the poisonous dish. Dexter decides to kill him to save Hannah and to satisfy his need to kill, he makes Hannah understand her father won’t bother her anymore and tells her about the passenger, the passenger that Hannah named knight…Anyway it was too late, Debra receives a message: Hannah’s father has sent the police the name of Hannah’s roommate ….


7×11 Do You See What I See

Dexter sees Hector Estrada get out of prison, he is the last killer of his mother still alive and he is unexpectedly released on parole. Quinn finds out that Nadia went to Las Vegas leaving him just a letter. Batista finds Arlene Schram, a witness to one of Hannah’s early murders. Matthews meets Dexter and tells him LaGuerta thinks he is the Butcher and that they related him to Jimenez. Dexter lies and says he knew Doacks had a boat and he never liked Dexter and he knew where his boat was so he had to change his dock. Debra meets with Arlene and asks her to testify against Hannah. After Arlene tells Hannah about this. Dexter and Debra plants evidence to steer LaGuerta and Matthews’ investigation away from him, so they find his hut and tools for a boat, plastic bags and fingerprints. Matthews really thinks Dexter he isn’t guilty but LaGuerta doesn’t. Dexter plays the drug dealer with Estrada and sets an appointment to sell him something on Christmas Eve. Hannah goes to Debra’s and asks him to stop trying to arrest her, to do it for Dexter for he loves her, anyway Debra says she wouldn’t do it. Matthews tells Dexter he no longer believes he is the Butcher … Later Dexter knows Debra has had a car accident while going to meet Arlene again. She is pretty fine and she tells him she really thinks Hannah has doped her, using her anxiolytic pills. Dexter checks Debra’s home, looking for evidence and then finds a water bottle in Debra’s destroyed car. He asks for some tests of the water left inside. It’s Christmas Eve and Hannah and Jamie have dinner with Dexter and Harrison then Dexter takes Hannah at home and asks her about Debra, she denies everything and says she loves Dexter. Dexter has to meet up with Estrada and leads him in a container. He prepares him on a plastic table and tells him who he really is. When Estrada asks Dexter if he is working with LaGuerta who set him free he discovers he’s been set up by LaGuerta. Indeed she made two cops follow Estrada and she is with them outside the container. Dexter manages to escape and so does Estrada, he goes away. It’s Christmas morning and Dexter is at home when the lab calls him: the water in Debra’s bottle had been drugged and Dexter realizes that Hannah drugged her.  So Dexter gives Debra evidence incriminating Hannah for Sal Price’s murder: the pen she had poisoned. Dexter goes to Hannah with the police who arrests.


7×12 Surprise, Motherfucker!

Dexter visits Hannah in prison and she admits she tried to kill his sister. Hannah phones Arlene and asks for help: she goes at the hearing when Hannah is found guilty. They act an embrace where Arlene gives her something. On her way back to the prison she has a seizure and is taken to the hospital. She eventually escapes and leaves an orchid near Dexter’s front door. LaGuerta arrests Dexter at home, he is charged with killing Estrada. She takes him to the PD and wants him to confess he is the Butcher. Anyway knows what she is doing cause he let her did it, he has prepared all the clues to let her act like she wanted ti incriminate him placing evidence herself. Dexter gets out and LaGuerta can lose her job. LaGuerta talks to Debra, she received from Mike the surveillance video of the service station near the church where Travis has been burned: Debra was fulfilling a tank with gasoline, to help Dexter …. LaGuerta wants her to confess she is implicated in Travis’ death but she doesn’t and goes and talks to Dexter who has just anesthetized Estrada, after following his former wife. Dexter goes at LaGuerta’s and finds warrants to let her control his and Debra’s GPS tracks during Travis death night. He understands he has now to kill LaGuerta. It’s the night of the year and he prepares Estrada in a container and he makes him phone LaGuerta, to make her come. When she arrives he anesthetizes her too, using a light dose. He is preparing a crime scene: he has stubbed Estrada, he is going to shoot LaGuerta and will then shoot Estrada to cover the knife wound… He places them on the floor of the container and he is on the point of killing LaGuerta when Debra comes in: she has asked to trace LaGuerta’s car and then followed her…. She understands her brother wants to kill LaGuerta and they talk a bit so that LaGuerta wakes up. She asked Debra to do the right thing, to arrest Dexter or even shoot him given that she has taken out her gun… Debra is desperate and shoots and kills LaGuerta…. Debra and Dexter go to the new year party where all the others are already celebrating … Dexter wonders if it is the beginning or the beginning of the end…