What makes them different::

The main difference is that in the book the food falls from the sky for no reason, the writer doesn’t inform us about why it happens. In the movie instead it’s Flint’s machine that makes it happen.

The book doesn’t present the food weather like real but it’s only a bed time story told by a grandpa to his grandkids. In the movie it’s real, it happens in a real world, it’s science not a fairy tale, Flint invented it for real and destroyed…

There’s no speculation in the book, no one wants to use the falling food like the mayor, there’s no greed … people just face the danger of the big food, bigger for no reason….

As I said the book presents the Chewandswallow events as an inner story, a story in the story and there’s nothing else, I mean all the people are nameless and alike. The book instead uses Chewandswallow people to build some inner stories: the Baby Brent’s sardine factory, the mayor, Flint past and Flint’s love story, Flint’s family, Sam’s nerd past, Brent’s fame need ….

What makes them alike::

Many illustrations of the book can be found in the movie, despite the different moments and scenes we can find them. Almost all the food ideas are taken from the book and they are almost the same:

Both have:

1. meatballs rain and an umbrella in the cover

2. hamburgers rain

3. the idea of the TV food weather forecast

4. a baseball field invaded by pies during a game

5. orange juice collected in an umbrella

6. drumsticks rain

7. the “Roofless” restaurant

8. hot dogs rain

9. the strange machine to collect leftovers

10. the jell-o house

11. the enormous pancake fallen over a building

12. the spaghetti tornado

13. giant donuts fallen downtown
14. the macaroni boy

15. ice cream city

16. the sandwich boats